In remembrance of a man who loved and was loved by many around him.
May he rock the heavens along with DJ Daddyballs.
Rock in Peace - John Ivey a.k.a. DJ Syxwhyr Johnny

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Welcome to CrossFire-Radio

CrossFire-Radio: has been running since August 15, 2005. Starting off only as a "Hard Rock/Metal" radio then jumping into an all genre radio. Music from Disturbed, Metallica, Rammstein, Toby Keith, Lita Ford, and many many more. Also playing and promoting "Unsigned Bands/Artists" letting the world find out who they are and how good they are.

More Stuff!

  • You can tune into CrossFire-Radio on your mobile phone.
  • Friendly, Fun, (and sometimes) Corruptive DJs (that's what makes them interesting.)
  • Forums, Arcade, Chatroom, Requests(When a DJ is on air).
  • If you need help tuning in or finding your way around, Check out our forums, or use our brand new LIVE HELP!

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