CrossFire-Radio DJ's

The Owners
DJ Fire
Starting out as just a regular DJ way back in 2004, having DJ'd for several radio stations back in the day. Moved on up and started CrossFire-Radio on August 15, 2005. Growing up in the 80's and listening to all the hair metal bands. Now having his very own internet radio station for 7 years and loving it. Making people go crazy atleast once a year in changing around the CFR website.
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Evil Mistress
The Boss Lady! Always bossing around DJ Fire making him do stuff he doesnt want to. haha.. Her top favorite bands are Greenday, Rammstein, and an old unsigned band we use to play 4 Days Dirty. If she was any more sexy, the internet would melt away. Yum!. Not so much an on air type, but does enough stuff in the background getting things promoted and getting CrossFire-Radio out there. (She makes DJ Fire do everything else, shes so mean lol). She is the one and only Evil Mistress of CrossFire-Radio!
DJ Venom
Whats Crackin'? I'm Dj Venom and I love all kinds of music.. I mostly find myself listening to something with a solid beat and an awesome baseline... but don't get fooled.. I like it ALL! I play around with lyrics to most all songs and could probably make it big song writing for Weird Al Yankodick or Cletus T Judd. but for now I will just stick to bringing you music you choose to hear! I originally began promoting for another station that really seemed to have a whole lot of rules and no appreciation.. I quit and started tuning into Crossfire-radio.. because I liked the music and the people.. I soon applied for dj. It was then and only then I had found out and come to realize the station owner was one of mmy favorite dj's from my previous radio station. I unfortunately have had a past of come and go with circumstances in life.. But I hope to return till I get fired (No pun intended). I have no shame either so I will laugh about anything, so if you want a good adult chuckle.. be sure to tune into my shows. Venom Nation Baby!
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DJ Patriot
Hey all, DJ Patriot here! I have come back to grace the airwaves again on crossfire-radio. As you can see from my name I am a Patriot, I love my country and I will talk sometimes about things that are going on in this country of ours, whether it is bad or good. I have all types of genre and I am always on the lookout for more music. If I don't have something you want, check again in a few days and I MAY have it. Tune into the Patriot show and be prepared to be entertained.
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